June 22, 2011

Umbra Console 0.1

Umbra Console is born! UC is a project I'm working on to provide Windows with a convenient access console, which also shows live system performance. I plan on constantly upgrading and improving UC, always free of charge. Here are some of the current features in UC:

Three modes all suitable for different purposes:

   Drop-down (move mouse into corner)
      hides off screen until you put the mouse in the top left corner of the screen
   Overlay (single click in corner to toggle)
      becomes more transparent and doesn't hide when you move the mouse away
   Fullscreen (double click in corner to toggle)
      becomes darker and fills the whole screen

Provides realtime system performance:

   CPU Usage (%)
   Memory Used (% and MB free)
   Disk Time (access time of all HHDs)
   Running Processes (#)